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SEASON 2 - 2021


Dr Adrian Cohen - Head Safe NeckSafe and Nurochek Founder  

S2 Ep 2 - Cohen, Concussion and the 'Chek '

Release Date - Coming Soon

As a medical professional in high demand, Dr Adrian Cohen has supervised the planning, establishment and operation of first responder medical care around the globe. Dr Cohen has provided medical care to mine workers, film crews, athletes and sports fans in urban and remote locations. From the world’s most inhospitable working environments to massive sports stadia, his teams have treated severe accidents and life-threatening conditions, with the expertise and calm precision necessary to minimise risk and ensure positive outcomes. Dr. Cohen identified a glaring inadequacy in concussion assessment and management, which related to the largely subjective tests utilised in the sports medicine world. Working with the same rugby union team he began playing for as a 7 year old, Randwick Rugby, he researched the existing technologies available worldwide, and experimented with a variety of paper-based tools, online neurocognitive tests, balance tests, skin-mounted accelerometers, GPS tracking, salivary biomarkers, MRI scanning and advanced scientific techniques including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Nurochek was developed following this research and is a portable headset using clinically validated technology to actually measure the brain’s electrical activity and send immediate results to a smartphone for analysis.The revolutionary technology is designed to take the uncertainty, and controversy, out of brain injury assessment. Applications include sports related concussion, traumatic brain injury from falls, motor vehicle accidents and the military as well as the potential to assess other acute and chronic brain conditions such as dementia, delirium, multiple sclerosis and a variety of neurological disorders.

Nick Piper.jpg

Nick Piper - Owner/Producer/ Director, Onion TV   

S2 Ep 1 - The Piper Production   

Release Date - 07 April 2021

Nick Piper is a self-taught producer/director who has created over 26 broadcast documentary series as part of his production company Onion TV. Since 2010, Onion has cornered the market on sports content in Australia with close to 100 half hours of television created in a decade. Specialising in professional and grassroot sports, Nick and his team have filmed, edited and narrated content as diverse as club rugby, international baseball, reality boxing TV, high school basketball, professional soccer and much more. Recently focussing on schoolboy rugby, through the series ’The Season’, Onion has won numerous creative awards domestically and abroad for this concept proving their cinematic quality but also storytelling abilities.

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